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The 58 wagon as we got it.

The 58 wagon as we got it.

The 2001 Lincoln LS at the start.

Hood comes off.

Lights come off.

Bumper comes off.

Fenders come off.

58 front fenders test fit.

Fender & hood test fit

Front door skin comes off.

58 Front door skin test fit.

Hood is tested.

New front look.

Front fender is modified.

Front fender is modified more.

Rear sheet metal is cut from 58 wagon.

Rear door skin comes off.

Rear door skin is installed.

New side view.

New rear door profile.

New side with filler panel added.

New front view with lower fender panels and pan installed.

Driver side modified.

Rear door is tested.

Rear of 58 wagon.

Rear comes off.

What is left of 58 wagon.

This is how the project looks as of 5/21/08

As of 5/21/08

As of 5/21/08

As of 5/21/08

As of 5/21/08

This is a 1958 Ford 2 door wagon that will be our next project. It will have a 2001 Lincoln LS drive train and suspension.


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